Oil System Upgrade with Remote Oil Thermostat and Accusump


Canton Accusump Oil Accumulator
 #24-026   2 Quart Accusump
 #24-200   Accusump Brackets
 #24-273   35-40 PSI E.P.C. Valve Kit


MOROSO Oil Check Valve


DERALE Remote Oil Thermostat



I have wired a light into the wiring to tell me when the Solenoid is on.

This tells me 2 things:
  If the light is on the pressure switch is working.
  If the oil gauge increases in pressure the Accusump is pre oiling the engine.


The other benefit is to monitor if an anytime the Accusump is feeding oil to the engine. If the light remains on for anymore than 30 to 40secs it might be time to shut down the engine as the oil pump is not recovering pressure and there is possibly a major problem.


Canton Accusump Kits contain Peter Paul Electronics Solenoid Valves P/N: 827X 80Series Valve.
  These valves can suffer from 2 known problems. Weak spring stopping the valve to open when
  full of oil and diaphragm miss alignment when assembled.


Moroso Accusump Kits have Goyen Solenoid Valves made in Australia. P/N: 12QA2-DCA/2628
  Buy direct from Pentair Aprox $180 (inc GST and local postage Aus)
  Pentair Filtration & Process
  268 Milperra Road Milperra, NSW, 2214, Australia
  Sales  1800 805 372 Sales email  pacifictessales@pentair.com



Fitted the Goyen Valve.
I plumbed in the Solenoid Valve and so far it works a dream. I especially like turning on the ignition and as the fuel pump primes the oil gauge shows 40+ psi as the oil is pushed into the engine... then hit the key and it instantly starts to prime the accusump again.