Front Brakes


Modifying Holden Commodore VL Turbo Calipers to fit Mk2 Vauxhall/Opel/Holden/Daewoo McPherson struts.


The VL Turbo Calipers are a great set for upgrading smaller four cylinder cars for several reasons but mainly they are cheap from the wreckers, are light construction of alloy caliper and cast iron bracket. The best feature is the off set, which is perfect for a set of Renault Clio 280 x 24mm discs.
The caliper was made for a 288mm disc but this won't fit under a 15" rim... so a small amount of machining is to be done.


Renault Clio Sport 2.0L 16V 2001on Dimple Drilled and Slotted
Diameter 280mm
Hat height 44mm
Thickness 24mm
Hub Hole 61mm
Bolt Holes 4x100


I drilled out the original holes size for size to match 1/2" brass rod this cleaned out the hole and made it a pres fit for the brass which I Loctit into place. Then I cross drilled the caliper through the brass and pushed in another 1/8" brass pin to help hold it for the machining.


Machined 12mm holes at 76mm hole pitch and 3mm offset the distance to clear the wheel.


The 3mm offset lines the brake pad with the outer edge of the disc and it clears the wheel. a little close but enough... this is where the compromise starts... you either go an extra few mm offset and live with having to either have the pad in on the disc a little or make a small weld and grind a flat on every brake pad you fit OR grab a 4" grinder with a "soft pad" or "flapper wheel" and take a few more mill off the Caliper fins.
Neither is really necessary if there is clearance but remember if you balance the wheels make sure you point out to the Tyre Center that stick on weights can not be put in this area... shouldn't be a problem but better to let them know of the clearances.



Brake Disc:
DBA - DBA 2353S


Brake Pads:
DB 1085