Proposed list of Parts for C20XE Engine Build 2010





WOSSNER 87mm High Comp (12.5:1) Forged Pistons K9259D100


Valve Springs


QED Race Double Valve Springs




TOGA Steel Rods with ARP 2000 Rod Bolts
WISECO MLS headgaske
ARP Main Stud Kit





ACL uprated 1.7TD bearings which are what SBD and most other engine builds class as motorsport bearings.


Engine : Opel 1700cc Inline4 SOHC Turbo Diesel
Conrod Bearing Set - 4B2410 - ACL Duraglide
O/S: STD, .25, .50, .75
Main Bearing Set - 5M2413 - ACL Duraglide
O/S: STD, .25, .50, .75


Important note with bearings, the standard XE/LET the conncting rod "half" of the shell has a hole drilled in it, to supply the cylinder oil spray which comes out of the shoulder of the connecting rod. its a simple system supplied by the bearing oil feed in the crank journal.
The 1.7TD rods and bearings do not have this.
Fitting them to H beam rods its not an issue though, its only an issue with those bearings on standard XE/LET rods, the hole need reinstating in the new bearing.


Oilpump and Pickup

Vauxhall Z20LET oil pump and modified pickup pipe.



Oil Scraper Plate (Sump)


GM #90528632 Plate with bonded gasket


GM #90149295 8v one piece rubber gasket


Gated Sump Mod



Block Modification


The oil feed to the head can get blocked up and most specialists such as SBD modify this area. Basically, the oil feed consists of a ball-bearing device which gets stuck so it's removed, the hole blocked up with abung, through which a 3/32 inch hole is drilled - the head doesn't need much oil in these engines.




Rod Bolts 209-6003
Head Studs 209-4301 (12-Point Nuts and Standard Threads)
Head Studs 209-4701 (12-Point Nuts and Undercut Threads)
Main Studs 209-5401
Flywheel Bolts 209-2801