Nissan R32 Skyline GTR



I will be using the GTR's 4WD System, including all suspension and brakes.

Gear Ratios

   1st: 3.214
   2nd: 1.925
   3rd: 1.302
   4th: 1.000
   5th: 0.752
   Final Drive: 4.111



   Front: 324mm ventilated, 4-piston calipers
   Rear: 300mm ventilated, 2-piston calipers


Front Suspension



   Green:Anti Roll Bar / Stabiliser Bar + Drop link (further up)
    Blue: Tension Rod
    Yellow: Front Lower Arm
    Red: Upper Camber Arm


Rear Suspension



   Red: HICAS steering rack replaceable with a lock bar
    Orange: Anti Roll Bar / Stabiliser Bar
    Cyan: Rear Camber Arm
    Yellow: Subframe bushes (aka Pineapple rings)
    Pink:is a tension rod / steering rack rod
    Grey:anti roll bar link arm
    Blue: traction control arm
    Green:track rod end


Wheelbase and Track

R32 Skyline GTR:
   Wheelbase 2615 mm
   Track Front 1480 mm
   Track Rear 1480 mm


   Wheelbase 2520 mm
   Track Front 1406 mm
   Track Rear 1426 mm


Astra 4S:
   Wheelbase 2500 mm
   Front 1750 mm (tape measure outside tire)
   Rear 1760 mm (tape measure outside tire)



Electric Power Steering

Vauxhall/Opel/Holden Astra Electric Power Steering Unit.



   Brown (6mm Wire) - Earth or Negative Battery Terminal
   Red (6mm Wire) - Power 12v Positive Battery Terminal 50Amp Fuse
   Brown/White - not used (some models don't have this wire)
   Blue/White - Power 12v Positive Battery Terminal 10Amp Fuse
   Black - Ignition on/off 10Amp Fuse


The Black wire I ran through a switch on the dash to isolate the EPSU when having the
Ignition "On" while working on the car or connected to the ECU with the engine off.




Diff ratio