GM 2.4L VVT Ecotec M90 SuperCharged

   Type: Ecotec 2.4L I4 VVT
   Compression Ratio: 8.75:1
   Induction: M90 Supercharger @ 14Psi
   Rods: LSJ Forged
   Pistons: 8.75:1 JE Forged
   Valve Springs: Dual Springs
   Valve Seats: Titanium
   Head Bolts: Replaced with Head stud & nut kit
   Injectors: Seimens 630 cc/min
   Intake Manifold: Intake with Inbuilt Intercooler

   Horsepower: 400+ hp (expected)


Engine is completed and running 26/10/2010


Laminova Intercooler Inlet Manifold

Laminova heat exchangers are especially designed for intercoolers in turbo and supercharged petrol and diesel engines. The heat exchangers are compact, easy to install and more efficient than conventional coolers.

Laminova heat exchanger systems have a unique designed core for intercooler applications. The air-to-liquid system gives increased efficiency compared to an air-to-air system. With the air-to-liquid system you will get cold air right from the start.

    * Superior cooling performance
    * Extremely low pressure drop
    * Ideal to integrate in the inlet manifold
    * Increased response due to short flow length in the system
    * Robust design. One-piece aluminium extrusion
    * No soldering or braising - soft mounting with O-rings
    * Reduced noise and pulsation. Improved airdistribution balance

The high performance, compared to that of the common plate style intercoolers, is a result of the extremely large surface area and the unique flow pattern. Laminova core design gives an extremely low pressure drop on the charged air side.

With intercooler cores installed, you achieve better torque, response and performance
compared to those of conventional coolers. The coolers effectively increase engine efficiency and decrease fuel consumption.

The air-to-liquid intercooler system needs a separate cooling circuit with a circulation pump and a separate radiator. Laminova also supplies intercooler housings for use in racing/aftermarket applications and as prototypes for test and evaluation.

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