8v 2.0lt SOHC

Current Specs:

  8v 2.0lt
  10.5:1 compression
  Mild Cam + vernier wheel
  Std Mainifilds (inlet and exhaust port matched)
  Balanced botom end
  light flywheel (0.7kg off original weight)
  Link Engine Management (fully programmable)
  118hp @ Wheels



  F16 Vauxhall STD Factory Close Ratio
  3.94 final drive
  Quaife ATB



  Bilstein Shocks front and rear with King Springs 200pound front and 400pound rear (aprox 200pound at wheel)
  Front adjustable with solid tops



  Renault Clio Sport 2.0L 16V front discs with VL Turbo Holden Commodore Caliper single piston
  Holden Astra 265mm rear discs single piston with hand brake
  Honda Prelude 1" master cylinder and booster
  Wilwood bias valve
  Hydraulic Hand Bake



  Calibra Power Steering Rack
  TS Astra Electric/Hydraulic Power Steering