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quote from the info machine himself...
It is NOT a Getrag, it's a Saab design and built under the ill-fated guise of FGP (Fiat-Gm Powertrain)- GM's on-the-outs ,European based powertrain consortium with Fiat.
BUT AFAIK it's still built in a plant at/near Trollhattan Sweden ,where as the new FGP F40 6-speed (used in the Saab 9-3 Aero and Pontiac G6) is built in another FGM facility in Germany IIRC.


Saab actually calls the LSJ transaxle the FM55 and the speed gear ratios are IDENTICAL to those used in the 9-3 sold into North America, HOWEVER the Saab 9-3 has a slightly taller final drive ratio of 3.82:1 as opposed to the 4.05:1 This changes it's model designation to the FM57. I've been eye-ballin the larger F40/FM67 6-speed as a possible upgrade for the Redline for some time. It's rated for considerably more input torque, geared lower (with the exception of 1st) and has slightly closer spacing. Here's a speed chart comparing the F35/FM57 to the F40/FM67.


MU3 is the GM RPO code for the Saab F35







C30SE 4cyl Mod


Frontera 4 Cyl 2.4i (C24NE CIH) 1991 - 95