Citroen Berlingo II   full electric conversion for daily commute


Engine removal


From the engine bay very little is reused to convert the car to a full electric. We will sell or scrap the engine including starter, alternator, aircon pump, exhaust system, fuel tank and powersteering pump along with the connecting piping and radiators and reseviour tank. The Power Steering pump will be the only part of this lot that will be replaced and with an electric power steering pump from a Holden Astra.



The engine removal was pretty straight forward on the Berlingo. I removed the bonnet to make it easier to lift the engine and gearbox out together.



Having removed the unit in one peice I then seperated the Gearbox from the Engine ready to have an adptor plate machined and the clutch plate will have the center removed to make the electric motor drive coupling to the gearbox input shaft.



The Engine/Gearbox Mounts, Clutch Plate and the GearBox plus the drive shafts is all that is required.




The first fit up of the motor and gearbox and test fit into the engine bay.