NSW State Novice Rally Championships


1995 Myself and navigator Ron Barkess competed in the NSW State Novice Rally Championships.
We had a serious go from the first event, fighting for championship lead over the 7 event series. Ron and I finishing the series in 3rd outright.

Greg Crossingham Memorial Rally


September '95 the Greg Crossingham Memorial Rally, Taree NSW. This event was a disaster. Ron and I being car 17 on the road, we were the first Grade5 (Novice) team. Every car on the road ahead of us had an "experience" on the left turn, a corner that was not called in the Road Book.


Big Off


The corner was after a straight over a easy crest, I was in top gear - at the crest the tree line was still straight-on, but the main road went left. I started to turn in but was carrying to much speed - we hit the gutter - air bourn - tree. Well at least no one else after us could hit it....

Kempsey MotoKahan


MotoKhana at Kempsey. The setup of the car was not as good as I expected, I would have been better to put the original suspention in to give a better turn-in. But fun was had.

Tanban State Forest Test


Tanban State Forest, Kempsey NSW. This was a staged photo shoot, my father took a series of photo's while I played with the setup. Looking at the attitude of the car you can tell I'm having a go, he was brave the corner speed I was getting was not leaving much room for error.